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About Ian

Ever since going to his first Elton John in the concert 1970's he decided that one day he too would prance around and dress up like a loon on stage, this can be confirmed at any STORM gig where he may wear any one of his umpteen stage props.

Spends his spare time riding motorbikes and constructing things in his shed, has a habit of turning up at gigs with a new contraption constructed purely to make a piece of band equipment (delete as applicable) faster/lighter/shorter/easier/slimmer. Oh, and tells the band off all the time about tidying wires up and moving empty boxes.


Walking, Curry, Motorbikes, Bitter



Favourite Band/Artist

Queen, John Otway

Favourite Storm Song/s

Soft Punk Medley! featuring Sex Pistols, The Undertones and The Clash